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10 Tactics to Getting Better Local SEO Results

10 Tactics to Getting Better Local SEO Results

Truth be told; every business owner has one unavoidable obstacle which is competition.As a business owner, you will want customers to see your business as the best from the plethora of businesses around you. This means beating the companies that have claimed local listings or businesses that have been on the local SEO game for years. But this is the toughest task.

Well, that’s not the only obstacle for local businesses. Another one is the ever-changing Google ranking algorithms. Google can really kill the dreams of your business to show up locally due to its regular algorithm updates.

For businesses that operate on a regional level, local SEO is crucial. Well, many businesses want to target international SEO but when your local SEO is dead, the dreams to get better results are almost impossible.

To target for local SEO, you have to ensure you attract more website traffic and conversions since you are optimizing for local customers.

But how do you get better local SEO results?

Here are ten tactics that every local business should use to improve visibility in search engines and get better results.

  1. Create You Google My Business Profile and Optimize It

Usually, when using SEO to boost businesses, many business owners focus on getting better Google rankings through content marketing and other techniques. When it comes to local SEO and Google My Business, it is somehow different.

For instance, if you search “4 Star Hotels near me” Google will display a huge map accompanied by some additional information like the names, addresses websites, contact numbers and some customer reviews for each 4-star hotel.

Google does not pick this information from the companies or businesses. They create Google My Business profiles and add all the information there.

So, ensure you start by creating your Google My Business profile and optimize it to enable your business to be visible on search engines and also show up on Google Maps.

  1. Ask for Customer Reviews

It’s not easy to get customer reviews online, but it’s possible. Customers’ reviews are essential when you want to build credibility for your business and Google loves that. It’s important to note that there is no shortcut in this case; you just have to ask customers to leave reviews when they buy your products.

When customers leave glowing reviews they build credibility for your business and also encourage other local customers to buy your products or services.

  1. Create Epic Content on Your Website

Google has been continually updating their algorithm which affects the content on your website. Your content is a determinant factor of how high your Google My Business should be displayed in the research results. Google’s main objective is to display content that will help, inform and educate readers. When people love your content, Google will know and will push it higher in the search results. This way, your business becomes visible to a wider audience locally and internally.

  1. Obtain High-Quality Links

External linking is great when it comes to SEO and is also beneficial to your business local ranking. So, after you have created and optimized your Google My Business profile, you also need to get high-quality and relevant links from high-authority sites.

Well, it’s not always easy to obtain high-quality links, but if you keep on creating epic content, other relevant websites will want to link to your content.

  1. Get Active of Social Media

You think social media is for international SEO? Think again. Well, getting active on social media does not improve your Google rankings but it will increase your brand’s visibility on the web. You need to promote the content you create on social media.

  1. Create Content Related to Local Stories

If you want to attract the attention of your local customers, you need to create content related to local issues. You could write a blog post related to local political news or events.

  1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Today, customers are searching for products or services through their mobile devices more than it is on a desktop. So to win the local SEO battle, you need to make it easy for local customers to view your website on their mobile phones.

So here is the trick:

  • Ensure your website loads fast on mobile
  • Use fonts that are easy to read on mobile
  • Use high-quality images

Once all is done, keep promoting your content and soon, you will see better results flowing your way.

  1. Target Local Keywords

Keywords are great when it comes to SEO. In this case, you need to use keywords that your local customers use to search for products or services online. Well, unlike in the past when it was difficult to target keywords for local searches, today, there are tools that let you filter keywords based on location so you know the popular search terms your customers are entering on their search queries.

  1. Get Listed on Online Business Directories

There are plenty of online business directories including MapQuest, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more. Ensure to list your business name, address and phone number to boost your local visibility online as well as local SEO.

  1. Be Consistent

Inconsistency will not only confuse your customers but will also affect your online presence. Ensure to be consistent when listing your business online. Your business name, address, contact number, and all the relevant information should not differ from one listing to another.

Get Better Local SEO results

SEO evolves rapidly. You only wake up to find Google has rolled out a new algorithm for local searches. You need to stay updated on local SEO and work with consultants like kayzoe who offers exceptional Local SEO Company.




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