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10 Companies That Successfully Sell Clothes Online With Shopify

10 Companies That Successfully Sell Clothes Online With Shopify

One of the fastest growing segments in eCommerce and online sales is the fashion and apparel segment. People are buying garments, shoes, and accessories online like never before. Online stores are coming up with attractive layouts, better visual merchandise and useful features to sell clothes online. The importance of visual merchandising, vivacity of layouts, feature-rich websites, ease of product selection, and ease of payment etc. are growing in online sales. All of these depend on how well you develop your online store. Here’s a list of reputed online retailers of fashion clothing and accessories who have successfully built their shop on Shopify.

Norwegian Rain

This is a Norwegian fashion brand based in Bergen, Norway. It specializes in waterproof outerwear with a touch of technology. This online fashion store opted for Shopify at the backend and a custom design it when it decided to sell clothes online. Products are arranged in neatly distinguishable categories. A click on any product takes the visitor to details like sizes available and prices for the same. All the characteristics of the garments and their fabrics are displayed against each product. You also get a size chart. You can add to cart from each page.

Roden Gray

This is an online store built with a purpose of catering to the demand for designer menswear as well as footwear and accessories for men. The shop is powered by Shopify to sell clothes online. There is a separate section for denims. There is a separate section for new arrivals too. Click on a product and you are directed to the details about the product including available sizes and color. The slick design and smooth navigation make this site a user friendly online store.


This shop has been set up to sell clothes online. There are a variety of clothing and accessories including daily wear and workplace wear. The homepage opens up with a list of best selling items that can really catch the fancy of the visitor. Clicking on each item reveals a detailed description of the item. You can choose the size from the page itself.

Taylor Stitch

The company launched its online store on Shopify in 2010 to sell clothes online. A unique attribute of this store is that it encourages customers to share their stories and pictures. Such unique attributes aided by Shopify have helped the company clock amazing profits.

HELM Boots

Versatile boots with classic style and modern outlook – that is the essence of HELM boots. The company went online with Shopify the same year it was founded in Texas. Since then they have been delivering hand crafted designer boots to all and sundry including the likes of Ben Affleck.


This is a Australian company catering to women’s dresses. The homepage opens up with categories of women’s wear such as “Just in”, “Under $50” “Knitwear” etc. Click on each piece of women’s wear and you can get the details of each. There is a size guide. You can also choose among available sizes.

Marc Wenn

This is a great place to shop for high quality men’s jeans, boots, backpacks and accessories. The brand sells products that are designed in London. While some products are handmade, others are produced by factories that have decades of experience in handling leather products. Marc Wenn runs on Shopify.

Wolf Circus

The online shop set up with Shopify opens up with a layout of attractive handmade jewelry, ranging from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings. The all-woman company has a base in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Wolf Circus website uses an ecommerce theme from Shopify’s massive collection of stunning web design templates.


This website opens up with a thrilling display of underwater scenery depicting the fitness and utility of watches and chronometers from Bremont. Click on a category and a world of watches opens up with all the varieties laid out before your eyes. You can bid for watches, and as you do so you will be redirected to separate page. You can also see if the product still available or not. This website runs on Shopify and features a custom design.

Negative Underwear

This company sells tees and underwear of exquisite quality. Their aim to to challenge the status quo and create underwear that focuses on the fit and skin. The site sells bras, underwear, sleepwear, bodysuits and gifts/merchandize. This ecommerce store has its headquarters in New York, USA and is also powered by Shopify ecommerce.

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