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Starting a business is always an adventure full of adventures. So that your installation does not turn short, beware of some missteps.

You dream of big spaces? Be careful not to get lost! Freedom can be double-edged. Solo work requires a discipline and an organization whose start-up constraints are not always measured. Here are the main drawbacks to avoid to arrive safely.

1. Neglecting support from loved ones

Being able to count on those around you, especially your family is the cornerstone of success. Your new activity will involve a dramatic change in the pace of work and often a financial sacrifice, at least initially, for you and your loved ones. Take the time to ensure their support, without minimizing the impact of your choice on family balance. Your loved ones are also the first people to convince the merits and strength of your project: who better than your entourage knows your strengths but also your weaknesses?

2. Want to go too fast

Establish the business plan, find financing, get the first customers … all these steps require time. Most business creation experts agree that it takes at least 12 months to build your business. As you rush, you run the risk of rushing a step and then biting your fingers. Give yourself time to succeed!

3. Do not secure income

Finance always: before you start, take stock of your fixed costs and your expenses. Make sure you’ll be able to cover your rent or mortgage, your daily expenses, taxes, etc. A working spouse, a savings plan, a severance pay … so many resources to see coming. Ideally, plan to keep one year, until the first profits come in.

4. Work on your couch

To do well, you have to settle in a dedicated place and not on a corner of the table. A closed room in your home, an office outside, a business center or a co-working space are possible solutions. Also remember that your equipment (computer, chair, desk, stationery) is your working tool. It must be considered not as a burden but as an investment. Recommended Resource: Best Computer Desks To Buy in 2019

5. Lack of discipline

Only at home, we tend not to see the time pass. The risk? Align endless days. Or get distracted by housework, calls from friends, TV … and forget to work! Working alone implies discipline: set schedules and stick to them.

6. Do not take breaks

Breaks are necessary for productivity. The ideal: three to five minutes of respite every hour, to allow the mind to recharge. Do not skip the lunch break either and give yourself a nap early in the afternoon if you need to. Not to mention a few days of well-deserved rest.

7. Do not keep your calendar up to date

Boss solo, you take care of everything. After years of wage labor, the change is radical. Between prospecting, management, travel or quotes, the weeks are quickly overloaded. Evaluate your work time and organize your days by distributing all the tasks to be done.

8. Get paid to month of Sunday

Independent, you must acquire a new reflex: bill as soon as possible. It is not because you present the note today that you will be paid tomorrow! Your landlord, your insurer, and taxes will not wait. The trick of the good treasurer: provide installments payable to the order (about 30%) and, for contracts spread over several months, consider payments at each step.

9. Waiting to prospect

Prospecting is often the pet peeve of independents. This is a must: at the beginning, 40% of your time will be spent there. And another 20% in cruise mode. Because even during a mission, it is important to prepare for the future, otherwise you will leave every time from scratch. Find your next client before the end of your contract, so that you can attack a new job as soon as possible.

10. Sell Off his benefits

A prospect finds you too expensive? He knows someone who can do the same for a quarter of your price? Let run! The value of your work does not sell. If you have estimated your rates at their fair price (thanks to a comparative study and including your charges), do not sell off your services: it will be very difficult then to return to a balanced price for you. Optionally, give a discount, one time, as “introductory offer”.

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