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The Proper Way To Use (H1 To H6) For SEO

headings for seo

Heading play an essential role in SEO. In general, Headings are used for making your content more accessible to understand by Robots and Humans. As its name implies, Heading is used to isolate each section of your content or webpage. If you are newcomers in the SEO world, You might need to/want to learn more about heading tags. Because heading tags on your content are not only necessary for your readers, but as well plays an essential role in SEO. But it’s required a proper way to do it and also check 10 best seo plugins

Through this article, I have tried to give you a clear understanding of Heading tags (also known as HTML Header tags). Let me explain to you precisely what is heading tags why it is crucial for search engines?

headings for seo

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What Is Heading Tag?

As I told above Heading tag is an essential part of SEO and used to isolate content in a webpage. Most of the webmaster also known Heading as HTML Header tag. The most critical heading tags are starting from h1 and ends at h6. If you are publishing a piece of news to your website, the news headline should be formatted with Heading tag.

Why Heading Tags Are Important For A Web Document?

As I told above plays a critical role in a web document, and it is beneficial for humans as well for search engines like Google.

The title on of the content mostly uses h1 tag to indicate search engines, and this is the most important tag of the content (This setting is made by theme/design developer).

The following are the most popular heading formats.

H1 Heading Format.

<h1> Your H1 Heading Text Here </h1>

H2 Heading Format.

<h2> Your H2 Heading Text Here </h2>

H3 Heading Format.

<h3>Your H3 Heading Text Here </h3>

H4 Heading Format.

<h4> Your H4 Heading Text Here </h4>

H5 Heading Format.

<h5> Your H5 Heading Text Here </h5>

H6 Heading Format.

<h6> Your H6 Heading Text Here </h6>

H1 is the first heading tag which is essential for any web-document and H6 is the last crucial heading tag that keeps very less importance in a web-document as compared to other heading tags.

Does Search Engines Or Google Use Headings For SEO?

Yes, the all search engines use headings for SEO. Because of the headings, for the search engines like Google, it’s easier to understand the well-written or organized content than to crawl through structural issues.

As John Mueller from Google back in 2015 says “We do use H tags (heading tags) to understand the structure of the text on a page better.

And Matt Cutts Says:

This small factor can lead significant improvement in SEO (search engine rankings) of your website.

Proper Structure Of Heading Tags For Web-Contents.

You shouldn’t directly jump from h3 to h1. In HTML the header tag should be placed in a hierarchical (h1 to h6) that’s mean, You shouldn’t break the structure of your site content by using h3 first and then jump to h1 or h2. For better understanding, I have added an example of well-structured heading below:

  • <h1>Main Heading</h1> (Used In The Title Of The Content)
  • <h2>Secondary Heading</h2> (This tag is used to indicate or contain the focus keyword or 2nd heading of the article at the beginning.)
  • <h3>Sub Secondary Headings</h3>
  • <h4>Heading 4</h4> (I Mostly prepare H4 tags on my article after h1 and h2. Because it is the most used tag on top-ranked websites like

How I Use Headings In My Articles.

I mostly use 3 types of heading formats in my articles, and it helped me ranked better in search engines, I Noticed!.

  • H1 Tag: The H1 tag is included in my website posts title. I Prepare to use it for posts title only.
  • H2 Tag: I use this heading tag in the body of the content but one time only at the begging and it contains the focus keyword.
  • H4 Tag: I Mostly prepare to use H4 tags on my article after h1 and h2. Because it is the most used tag on top-ranked websites like

I don’t consider my self as a top SEO expert, but I always research to find new SEO tactics, And I researched that many top ranked sites on Google use the proper structure of content with heading tags.

Best Practices Of Using Headings Tags For SEO.

As I Wrote before, Heading play an important role in On-page SEO. Google and other major search robots understand the content structure in a webpage using numerous algorithm. The Heading tag is a one of those.

  • Use Keywords In Heading Tag: If you’re using Yoast SEO in WordPress, In Yoast content SEO analysis section you may have noticed a red bullet is indicating of focus keywords in heading tag. It is also recommended by SEO gurus to add keywords in headings such as H2.

  • Don’t Skip: One of the common mistake new bloggers make is using of H3 or H4 tags & at times skipping H2 tags. This kind of heading practice is not right & might hurt your On-page SEO score.
  • Title In H1: The central part of a webpage is Title. Google takes the title seriously to rank on their SERP. I recommend you to use the H1 tag in the content title section and don’t use another H1 on a single page.
  • Avoid Stuffing: You may have heard about Over Optimization Penalty. Yeah, If you are stuffing HTML heading tags within your content, You might over optimizing your content. Which lousy practice in SEO and can cause search engine penalties.

Final Words.

There is no clear data of the using of Heading tag in a webpage, even Google also didn’t make this controversy clear to us. All of the data above, Is recommended by many SEO Gurus.

If you find this article useful, Why don’t share with your fellows via the social media platforms? Also, let us know your feedback and recommendation of using Heading tag for SEO via below the comment box.

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  1. I think only H1 and H2 Tag matters the most for SEO purpose. We would make sure that our keyword appears in start of H1 and H2 tag… I dont know if H3 to H6 tags even matter

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  3. Thanks provide given the information of heading, it is better knowledge

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