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What are the best trends and factors on App Store optimization in 2018?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process with the help of which it can be ensured that the app meets the app store ranking criteria. Since App Store optimization (ASO) has many similarities with SEO, it is popularly called as App Store SEO or Mobile App SEO. Whether it is an Android app developer or iOS app developer, they both need some way by which they can showcase their app with the customer and the success of mobile app development lies in the popularity of the app. In this competitive world, no app can become popular unless some effective strategy is adopted. Several SEO strategies are been developed and conceived by the developers over the time that takes the apps at the top ranked in App Store. This factor is directly proportionate with your app’s success as the hit rate or downlo...

Tips Helping Your App Get Featured on the App Store

The coding, designing, development, the constant follow-ups take a BIG full-stop on your apps journey, the day it is presented to you with the fact that your app is finally ready to hit the stores, suddenly there is an adrenaline rush in your body out of excitement. You start dreaming about your app making money and you are getting covered by the print media for crafting such a wonderful app, then suddenly you wake up with a crack sound in your dream boat and realize that it is not at all possible. WHY??? That BIG FAT Why comes in between you and your dream when you are being told that it is not easier for the app to get featured on the app stores with an ease. And your app needs to go through a series of factors to bring out the BEST to be featured on the app stores. Competition is not th...

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