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How to Stop Getting Addicted to Your Smartphone

How to Stop Getting Addicted to Your Smartphone

There was a time when Analog pocket watch or a wrist watch was the only gadget human beings use to have. Gradually the revolution in communication technology brought us some ultra modern gadgets which we call smartphones. They are really useful but sometimes they look over useful when we keep sticking to them all the time. There was a time when people use to talk to Co- Passengers while travelling but these days we hardly care who is on the next seat. Not only this getting over busy with the smartphones took us far away from the real world and sometimes we literally forget that how much social life and health we are compromising for this. But do not worry it is not too late still there is something which can be done. Here are few tips to stop getting addicted to your smartphone.

  1. Turn off push notifications for most of the apps:

Not for all the apps but for most of the applications you should turn off Push notifications by doing this you will not get distracted. You should only keep notifications turned on for text messages and calls so that you will not miss anything which is critically important. Turning off push notifications will also save battery and you will get distracted towards flashing screen of your smartphone.

  1. Turn your phone’s Grayscale Mode:

It sounds weird but true if your Smartphone screen will no longer colorful you will not love to play games, to browse, to view profile of  the people you follow. In nutshell your smartphone will still be capable of performing all the important tasks but you will use it lesser as it will no longer look funky.

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  1. Spend time with people in real:

Another thing which you can do to beat your addiction of smatphones is spending quality time with the people in real your smartphone can be a good device to make plan to meet people for instance you can book a table in your favorite restaurants. You can book train bus or movie tickets to visit your friends. So instead of having chit chat with them on smartphone it is a better idea to sit with them and to spend quality time.

  1. Know your hobbies and take time for them:

Every individual have its own hobbies and interests but when we are too busy with our smartphones we often forget about them. So to beat the smartphone addiction it is a better idea to focus on your hobbies. Take time to do what you love and when you are with your hobbie forget about your smartphone.

  1. Using an application to beat smartphone addiction:

Though it may sound strange but an application on your smartphone itself can help you to stay away from it but reminding you when you have spent enough time on your device and you should stop. If we talk about third party apps which can help you to stay healthy by staying away from your smartphone Social Fever app from systweak software works really well. Let us understand the functionality of this amazing app in detail.

The application can be downloaded for free from the play store.

When the application starts you can choose the applications to which you are addicted to and can set a time limit for each app. Your device will give you an alert if you exceed the time limit. The application also gives you an alert when you stare screen for long time or use earphones for a long time. Not only this you can view weekly or monthly usage charts of the applications you are addicted to. So we can say the application helps you to stay out of the addiction of your smartphone by giving you alerts on over usage and showing you well sorted data of the overall usage.

So what are you waiting for if you feel that over use of your smartphone is making you less productive and less socialize then take a step before it is too late.

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