Author: Hasan Nuur

8 Best Apps for Smartwatch Lovers

Everyone out there owns a smartphone. Well now is the time to move a step further and explore the world using a smartwatch. It is said that smartwatches will replace smartphones in a decade or so. The technology is indeed very interesting. A smartwatch is a watch version of a smartphone, you have probably heard of the Apple Watch that holds 75% of the market right now. But there’s several other mo...

6 Best Apps for Mathematicians

Every person in the world has to do math in any part of his life no matter how short the duration is. People from literature or medical fields usually not get accustomed to complex math. However, engineers, architects, town planners, lawyers and most commonly students and teachers need a handy tool to solve complex mathematical problems because this what their life is all around. In the past, peop...

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