Author: Joseph Rubino

How to Make the Perfect Wood-Fired Pizza

Do you dare to put a spin on your Friday pizza night? With a wood-fired pizza, you can create a smoked, crispy, wood-fire effect just like your Italian-restaurant favorites. So, what makes a wood-fired pizza so tasty and unique? The answer is simple: the oven. Wood-fire ovens are heated solely by burning wood in the chamber, which captures the heat and hence cooks your delectable pizza to crispy p...

Chicago Named “Restaurant City of the Year,” Bringing Booming Business to the Windy City

In August 2017, Chicago was named Bon Appetit’s Restaurant City of the Year. The Windy City, known for its world-renowned deep-dish pizza, has proved to have pushed the forefronts of gustatorial innovation by scoring a national recognition that highlights an exciting and up-and-coming dining scene. With this accolade, recipient cities usually see an increase in restaurant startups and more crowded...

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